We are looking for students who love art and want to learn how to use digital tools
for making awesome artwork!

We offer Digital Art and Design classes for kids ages 8 and above.

ArtCastle provides a customized Digital Art Curriculum that is designed to subsequently build art and tech skills from beginner to advanced.

Because we limit class size to 8 students, we are able to individualize each students learning experience.  Each time a student takes one of our Digital Art Photoshop Sessions, he or she will learn new and exciting ways of creating digital artwork.

We supply all of the equipment including Windows based computers, Adobe Photoshop CC, Wacom digital tablets, flash drives and more.

Basic Photoshop Course:

This course is an introduction to Photoshop and will be focusing on the essential tools, filters, core ideas of composition and design, photo manipulation and how to create artwork using a Wacom drawing tablet and stylus.  Students are given a project and are guided step by step to create digital artwork.

Our Basic Photoshop Course will consist of 3 sessions, each session will contain 4 lessons on a once per week schedule. The students will be required to complete the Basics of Photoshop course before they can attend the next course, Advanced Photoshop.  Students will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing all three of the Basic Photoshop sessions.

Advanced Photoshop Course:

This course will introduce advanced Photoshop techniques.  Students will be creating digital artwork, graphic designs and editing photos while learning new skills including: how to combine multiple images, color corrections, filters, special visual effects, advanced photo manipulation, and advanced digital drawing and painting using a Wacom drawing tablet and stylus. Prerequisite Basic Photoshop Course.

Pricing for the Digital Art Courses:
The price per session (4 lessons) is $135.00
Students attending both our Fine Art classes and Digital Art Classes
will receive a $20.00 discount off each session making the cost $115.00.

If a student cannot make their scheduled class they must makeup the lesson in the SAME week.
 Each week we will be covering core tools and techniques that are required for the following week's lesson so it is neccessary for the students to attend every week.


Our Digital Art class schedule is different than our Fine Art schedule.  

Our Digital Art classes follow a progressive schedule because of the different courses.

Please call or email us for upcoming Digital Art Classes.